[CentOS-devel] CentOS mkinitrd support for dmraid

Hovhannes Tumanyan

hovhannes_tumanyan at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 18:36:35 UTC 2006


Here is a patch to mkinitrd that enables dmraid
initialization during init.

I developed it to enable proper initialization of LVM
partitions hosted on dmraid based software RAID.

dmraid initrd initialization can be optionally turned
off by passing --omit-dmraid command line key to

My changes are tested on CentOS 4.1 2.6.9-11.EL

Hopefully this may be useful to people with similar
software/hardware configurations.

Can someone suggest/clarify if there is anything else
I  could/should do to make this patch helpful to as
many people as possible and ideally make it part of
CentOS distribution?

Thank you very much,
Hovhannes Tumanyan

>     echo "       [--omit-dmraid]" >&2
>       --omit-dmraid)
>           nodmraid=yes
>           ;;
> if [ -z "$nodmraid" -a "$kernelmajor" == "2.6" ];
>     inst /sbin/dmraid.static "$MNTIMAGE/bin/dmraid"
> fi
> if [ -z "$nodmraid" ]; then
>     echo "echo Activating software raid (dmraid)" >>
>     echo "dmraid -ay" >> $RCFILE
> fi

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