[CentOS-devel] hi & submission of updated initscripts rpm

Jethro Carr

jethro.carr at jethrocarr.com
Sat Apr 29 12:38:19 UTC 2006

hi all,

this is the first time I've contributed to a distro that is not my own,
so if I'm doing something the "wrong way", please do inform me. :-)

Briefly about me - I'm interested in becoming involved in helping to
develop CentOS (such as removing RH trademarks from new packages, and
adding extra packages.)

I have experience with developing distros, from when I developed my own
distro called "Jedo Linux". 

In regards to the other subject of this email,

I've made a modified version of the initscript package. This adds
support for using dm-crypt encrypted filesystems on boot.

It allows encrypted swap, and encrypted storage directories. However,
it's not really designed for having an encrypted root filesystem
(although it could possibly be adapted without too much hassle).

I have a source RPM available here:

Basicly, I've added written a patch for initscripts, and made a couple
of minor changes to the spec file.

I wasn't sure what to name it, so I added a .1 and my name to the
release name. Feel free to change this to suit if you do decide to add
it to one of the repos. :-)

Usage details and configuration for the encrypted filesystems are
in /etc/sysconfig/enc-fstab.


Jethro Carr

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