[CentOS-devel] hi & submission of updated initscripts rpm

Jethro Carr

jethro.carr at jethrocarr.com
Sun Apr 30 02:52:48 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-04-29 at 14:03 +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> > I've made a modified version of the initscript package. This adds
> > support for using dm-crypt encrypted filesystems on boot.
> > 
> > It allows encrypted swap, and encrypted storage directories. However,
> > it's not really designed for having an encrypted root filesystem
> > (although it could possibly be adapted without too much hassle).
> > 
> > I have a source RPM available here:
> > http://www.jethrocarr.com/packages/SRPMS/initscripts-7.93.24.EL-1.1.1.centos4.jethrocarr.src.rpm
> can you post a diff -u .patch for the buildroot ? or do it for Source
> and one for .spec

Patch for the source code available here:

Patch for the .spec file attached to this email.

> > I wasn't sure what to name it, so I added a .1 and my name to the
> > release name. Feel free to change this to suit if you do decide to add
> > it to one of the repos. :-)
> look at some of the .specs from the centosplus repo ( which is where
> this package will head into, if accepted. ) - specially look at the
> ?dist tag added in Release:  the buildsystem will replace those
> DistTag's to make some sense automatically.

hmm... The packages in the centosplus repo all appear to have different
naming schemes. :-/

If you pointed me at an example that you think is the right way, I can
take a look at it. :-)

> > Usage details and configuration for the encrypted filesystems are
> > in /etc/sysconfig/enc-fstab.
> One thing that is important is that for packages you do submit mod's for
> - do you intend to keep maintaining them and ensure that any security /
> bug fix related errata from upstream / developers is incorporated in a
> timely fashion ?
> ( not sure how relevant that would be here, since dm-crypt and
> cryptsetup is already in the distro and tracked from upstream )

Because it is an extra package, I will reapply the patch and create a
new RPM if a newer version of the initscripts RPM is released. I like to
keep the packages that I use secure. :-)

I'm going to see if there is any encrypted fs support in the latest
version of fedora - if the patch went upstream to the initscripts
developers it would be nice - could end up in future releases of
RHEL. ;-)

Jethro Carr

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