[CentOS-devel] yum update behavior plugin

David Hrbáč hrbac.conf at seznam.cz
Tue Aug 15 10:58:14 UTC 2006

Karanbir Singh napsal(a):
> can we just backport the function ?
Yes, we can. I have thought CentoOS is not changing packages coming from
upstream. So, we need to patch
/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/yum/transactioninfo.py, see
Look at remove method. I'm sending patched file.
> also, have you looked at the code that JJ  Garcia sent in ?
Yes, I have. We should go different way. We will use exclude_hook
finally, but not now.

To sum it up. The code I'm sending, is really pre-alfa. Because I have
tested it on machines where yum is updated, code work with iftop, which
has been updated by Dag a few days before. You can change in
yumfirst.py: yumname = 'iftop'

Plugin works pretty fine:
yum update
yum install expect iftop
Both command are run and only iftop is installed/updated.

The plugin should be extended to work event in those cases:
yum install expect
yum update expect
And here comes exclude_hook.

So, give it a try and if it's ok, I'm gonna extend the functionality.
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