[CentOS-devel] ipp2p package

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Aug 23 15:34:29 UTC 2006

David Hrbáč wrote:
>> re-eng was in ref to how kmod's are handled in yum. we'll use the
>> specifications from the url i posted. we want to stay with that so that
>> we can inherit and use the yum-kmod stuff.
> Well, it's not still clear, what kernel module packages are going to be
> in Fedora/RHEL. Decision hasn't been made yet. In Fedora/Extras there's
> no kmod package yet.

there are kmod packages in Fedora, i suggest you look again. They can be
 in other places as well - Also when the kmod specs were being worked
out - quite a few people got involved, not only from within the Fedora
community to work on that stuff.

> I can go with kmod in ipp2p, but I guess it doesn't matter since CentOS
> is not including contribs. So my post was to people who need ipp2p on
> CentOS to know.

we've not been accepting contrib's from people so far, unless they are
ready to maintain the spec's for a period of time. And to be honest,
apart from Tim and his project YumEx, no one else has really stepped up
and done any similar work for a complete package. Within packages, the
work by Daniel and even the stuff that you did for yum, was for CentOS
and will be used in CentOS. So i am not sure how / what you imply when
you say that no one is doing any contrib stuff here for CentOS project.

> It seems to me, that CentOS develop team should clearly express the
> rules and aims and really became community project with some Boards,
> voting, etc. 

There are no boards, no voting or any such politics on the CentOS
project. Maybe something in the future, if and when the  developers feel
that the next step should be that way. Whatever we are doing, is in the
public - if you have issues bring them up.

> As to contribs, if centos is not willing to support
> contribs, it would be nice if we can decide on 3rd party repository to
> send CentOS contribs to. Maybe Dag's one?

RPMForge is the best place to push contrib's if you want, however you
will find that their specifications and requirements will be just as
stringent, if not more, than what you need to do for us here.

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