[CentOS-devel] wrong "Suggested resolutions" when try to install httpd by hand

Tue Dec 26 15:24:17 UTC 2006
Roger Peña Escobio <orkcu at yahoo.com>

--- Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:
> rpm -e rpmdb-CentOS
> and try again :)

nice workaround :-)

> ( or you can just work out the right solvepath for
> rpm's macros, look in 
> /etc/rpm for more info )

shame on me ;-)
I dont know why I though sometime I got just the
packages names and not the full path to the package
rpm name but, from the macros.solve file, I should
allways had got the full path :-(

ok, now I know howto show the righ output

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