[CentOS-devel] Yum Extender 0.99 (Development) for CentOS 4.2

Tue Feb 14 21:52:58 UTC 2006
Lance Davis <lance at centos.org>


a couple of comments ....

re version yumex-0.99.7-1.0.c4

1. yumex no longer has an icon in alt-tab   - previous installed release 
had one.

2. Seems strange to show older versions in 'install' window - unless you 
have support for reversing out later versions ...

At the moment if you select to install an older version yumex errors out 
with :-    /nTransaction Check Error:   package yum-2.4.2-1.centos4 (which 
is newer than yum-2.4.0-1.centos4) is already installed

Surely it would be better not to list them in the install window - or to 
only list them if an option is set ...

3. I see that there is an option to downoad files lists & changelogs - and 
it does say that this will take longer ... but with it unselected there 
are still 'Files' and 'Changelog' tabs - albeit empty. Would it be 
possible to lose them or grey them out when the option isnt selected - 
alternatively and preferable would be to download the information just 
for that package and display it when you click on the tab - either 
automatically or with a confirm - subject to preference setting.

4. Select repos has a bug that it changes the display order apparently 
randomly when you click on the lines and selection boxes ...  I would also 
like to be able to see (and or edit) the config for the repo - and possibly add repos from 
within yumex.

Hope this is helpful