[CentOS-devel] This might be of interest to CentOS developers

Tue Jan 17 14:23:15 UTC 2006
Shawn M. Jones <smj at littleprojects.org>

Alexandru E. Ungur wrote:

>>works in this case would only involve the scripts ( if any, you could 
>>actually do it all by hand, might end up with finger stress and a bad 
>>case of keyboard rundown ... but hey, could be done ). The Code itself 
>>is all licensed under Open Source Licenses ( various different names / 
>>specifics - but its all open source ).
>>Maybe artwork and other code additions that his person has created, 
>>might also be included in his own restrictive (c)....
>>But,  I am not sure what that person is trying to do ?
>That I don't know, it just seemed weird that someone wanted to this when
>they could just as well use CentOS... or WBEL or whatever... What intrigued
>me was the ideea that 'hey these guys are definitely not doing it for fun!'... 
>they aren't doing it being driven by the Open Source principles... They just 
>want to 'buy a free Linux'... 
Based on the link, it looks like they want a CUSTOM version of 
RHEL/CentOS with their own artwork in it.  Maybe RJ Solutions is a big 
corporation that wants its own corporate images splashed all over its 
desktops.  I believe the CentOS distro is licensed under the GPL.  As 
long as they don't distribute it outside their organization, then they 
do not need to provide this to anyone else.  The minute they distribute 
the GPL dictates that they must hand over source code.

In short, I don't think there's anything WRONG with what they're 
requesting.  It sounds like they want something specific to their 
corporation or one of their clients.  I've wanted to do that for the 
Navy for years.  They just won't let me endorse that hippie GPL stuff.   :-)