[CentOS-devel] Centos 4.2/4.3 Alpha Architecture X11 crash on Matrox Video with signal 11

Fri Jun 9 00:14:50 UTC 2006
Will Langford <unfies at gmail.com>


So nice to see an updated Alpha distro...

I currently am having a nasty little problem with X11 on my Alpha.  I get
constant signal 11's when using the MGA driver, and the VGA driver simply
panic's the system.  I've tried Centos 4.3 and Centos 4.3, and both have the

>From what the following thread:


Seems to describe the symptoms I'm getting.

I've not rebuilt X or glibc, since the libc5 days and am not experienced in
working with SRPM's.

Any guidance on how to do the modification noted in the above thread to a
SRPM would be greatly appreciated, or preferred (for the lazyman inside me),
some prebuilt packages :) .... would be greatly appreciated.

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