[CentOS-devel] Getting CentOS up to date on SPARC

Thu Jun 22 01:56:32 UTC 2006
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Kevan Benson wrote:
>>> If you are interested, and have the time to spend this might be
>>> something you can get involved with ?
>> I would love to donate time, but don't have any.  I DO have quite a 
>> few Netra T1 105's I was planning to try to sell.  Perhaps donating 1 
>> or 2 would help.  Older and slower than the X1's though.
> If people are interested in helping with the testing and development 
> side of things - rather than building itself, these box's would come in 
> handy.

I have an Ultra 5 lying around...would this box be of any use in anything?