[CentOS-devel] Getting CentOS up to date on SPARC

Mon Jun 26 12:08:52 UTC 2006
Jeff Johnson <n3npq at mac.com>

On Jun 26, 2006, at 7:47 AM, seth vidal wrote:
>> Currently, the CentOS build team uses a predefined build host to  
>> build
>> packages.  That build host is a controlled machine that has the  
>> latest
>> version of the arch in question and no other packages.
> those buildreqs are being fixed, in core, for fc6 - which means they
> should trickle into rhel5. I wasn't talking about using mock for  
> current
> builds - just for future ones.

To illustrate what I meant by "populating", let me point out the  
technical detail
in FC6 that there are *still* missing dependencies like
     Requires: gcc, make

These of course are no-brainers that are supplied by the choice of the
packages that are always installed.

So the issue is really that mock as currently used in FC6 has fewer  
packages in base,
thereby exposing more missing build dependencies than are present in  


73 de Jeff