[CentOS-devel] Problem with anaconda when install x86_64 version

Fri Nov 3 10:46:18 UTC 2006
Andrew Velikoredchanin <andy at atomail.com>

Andrew Velikoredchanin:
> Karanbir Singh:
>> Andrew Velikoredchanin wrote:
>>> danieldk at pobox.com:
>>>>> How I can fix it problem?
>>>> By using CentOS :).
>>> We already have our i686 version of distro based on RHEL4. Now we try
>>> create x86_64 version and have this problem. :(
>> the error message is quite descriptive, trace that. its either one of
>> your patches, or a missing package ( related to the bootloader setup )
>> that is missing.
> This not heppen. :( I install all packets, but error out. :(
>> even if you dont know python, have a look and trace the variables down
>> in that file. anaconda is nice like that - and you can even run
>> anaconda in debug mode.
> How I can debug install script?

I see one moment. When I install RHEL4, after install all rpms and ask
disk1-5 it ask disk1 of distro. But my compiled variant not ask that.
What need for installer when it ask disk1?