[CentOS-devel] Updated package for squid (CentOS 4.4)

Tue Nov 28 11:11:52 UTC 2006
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

There's an updated package for squid in the development repository at
<http://dev.centos.org/>. This fixes the problem with squid only having
1024 file descriptors available. The patch was "forwardported" from the
squid package in CentOS 3.8.

You get a new configuration variable in squid.conf with which you can
control the number of file descriptors available for squid:

# TAG: max_filedesc
# The maximum number of open file descriptors.
# max_filedesc 1024

This package works here under a comparatively low load. So please test
this package if you need more than 1024 file descriptors and report any
issues or success with this package either here or at

The package is at
for i386 and
for x86_64.


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