[CentOS-devel] RPMS and REPOS and REPO-Linkages

Tue Nov 14 02:49:18 UTC 2006
Greg Swallow <greg at runlevel7.ca>

seth vidal wrote:
> I'd say centos-plus can rely on centos-plus in total and base+updates.
> either you have the repo enabled or you don't. Fence sitters can just
> suffer.
Then why did you include the "includepkgs" option in yum ;-)

I use php5 with mysql4, as I'm sure lots of people do, so I'd rather see 
centosplus stay the same so that option is still available in the same 

And if/when there is a RHWAS repository at CentOS, then I think those 
should not be in Centosplus, but a different folder, and I think those 
should rely on each other.