[CentOS-devel] Updated PHP packages are now in the c4-testingrepository

Wed Nov 15 01:24:28 UTC 2006
Greg Swallow <greg at runlevel7.ca>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> quick question, to everyone out there who uses php and xml stuff,
> php-xml-5.x provide a php-domxml so that php-domxml-4.x has a direct
> update path, and packages that require php-domxml would / could meet
> their requires: from the php-5 tree ( php-xml-5.x does not, at this
> provide a php-domxml )
> This would have a direct impact on the horde packages in

Has this problem been brought up on RedHat's bugzilla?  For the record,
php-xml in RHEL5-beta1 does this: