[CentOS-devel] RPMS and REPOS and REPO-Linkages

Fri Nov 17 23:09:30 UTC 2006
Greg Swallow <greg at runlevel7.ca>

Kevan Benson wrote:
> This doesn't really seem to address what I was talking about (or at
> it
> doesn't contradict it, the quoted section could apply to everything I
> described easily).  I'm talking mainly about the default naming
> in
> centosplus of packages that supercede a package in the core package
> I
> included an example of an RPM built against another package in
> because much of this thread has been about addressing how to
> that
> in manner that is consistent and intuitive.

You have to consider upstream, because they aren't going to add
"Obsoletes: php5" to their php packages.

My only concern with php-5.1.6 in centosplus is that RHEL5-beta1 is
currently using 5.1.4.  Sure it's just beta1 and it may change, but if
it doesn't that will make for a slightly trickier upgrade for some
people at some point in the future.  For example the RHWAS php rpm is
newer than the RHEL5-beta1 rpm but has a lower version# (5.1.4-1 vs
5.1.4-8).  I am sure that is intentional so an upgrade to RHEL5 upgrades