[CentOS-devel] testing / qa process

Fri Oct 13 14:01:15 UTC 2006
danieldk at pobox.com <danieldk at pobox.com>

Hi Karanbir,

> The CentOS Project provides packages in addition to the packages from
> RH's sources. We need to ensure that these packages are tested in a user
> environment for a while, and only released to the public via the
> mirror.centos.org network once there is some reasonable surety as to the
> functional and bugs situation with the package.

I have a question if I may: what should the packages be tested for?

1. Readiness of the packaged software for enterprise environments.
2. Quality of the packaging.

If both, what has most weight? If [1] is important, I suppose the quality
can partly be tested with regression tests (if the software includes
regression tests, IMO all enterprise-class software should). [2]
specifically requires people with enough knowledge of packaging to go over

-- Daniel