[CentOS-devel] testing / qa process

Fri Oct 13 14:56:58 UTC 2006
danieldk at pobox.com <danieldk at pobox.com>

Hi Johnny,

> The stuff in the testing repo has already been initially tested (and
> packaged) by one of the CentOS Developers.  It doesn't get in there if
> it is not at least WorksForMe quality for someone who should understand
> enterprise ready.
> Now I not suggesting that it is perfect, thus the need for testing.
> What we need is people to use the products, make sure they work as
> expected, and tell us it does or does not work for them.

Thanks for the clarification.

> We certainly are also open for suggestions and/or packaging comments and
> better ways to do things.
> I would settle for  ...  I downloaded it and it works for me or doesn't
> work for me because of this.  If we can get at least that much
> participation, we can fix it and get it back out, if required.

Personally, I'd not object to testing some packages that I use for my
workload (like the Sun JDK and PostgreSQL), but I don't actively track
packages in testing. It would be much easier if one could 'adopt' a
package as a tester, meaning that you will get an e-mail notification when
a new package version is released in testing along with the changelog
since the last version.

But maybe that's overengineering.

-- Daniel