[CentOS-devel] CentOS-4.4 yumconf

Fri Oct 13 23:27:52 UTC 2006
Roger Peña Escobio <orkcu at yahoo.com>

--- Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:

> Roger PeXa Escobio wrote:
> > I am gad you agree-accept that the core developers
> > learn a lesson :-), I was a litle sad because I
> could
> > not see any positive reaction to all our complains
> and
> > ideas to get both side happy (just one srpm to
> give
> > two packages)
> you seem mistaken about one thing - there really
> wasent any real 
> userbase problems with this shift. We had hardly any
> noise at all from 
> the userbase ( remember there are a _lot_ of people
> using CentOS 
> directly ). The noise came from only a few people.
yes, you may right, but you got a litle noise from
this list. :-)
not exactly "users", more or less "powered users" :-)

> > maybe is an effect of "not everybody's words have
> the
> > same weight". I personally agree with that way of
> > thinking but I beleave if there was one thing that
> > drive people from whitebox to centos at the
> begining
> > was the strong decision control over the whitebox
> > project that Jonh had and don't want to give away,
> > Centos promise the opposite. It will be sad that
> that
> > promise just demise over time (across
> consolidation of
> > the project)
> again, i dont know what you are trying to imply
> here. CentOS isnt a one 
> man setup, and all the developers talk to each other
> just fine. Whitebox 
> is a one man's part time hobby. I dont even
> understand how you can 
> compare the two.

that is why centos is much-much better solution than
whitebox (from my point of view)
I agree that Centos is not a one man's work, is
evident that developers talk and share ideas a lot,
that is great, but you might say 'core developers'
insted of just 'developers', and that is what I try to
point out.

I very wellcome your messages asking for opinions
about what to do with packages in the testing repo,
this kind of 'request of help' in the _developer_ list
is very-very good thing, it encorage 'powered users'
to be part of the project in some degree, and my point
was that that kind of request was miss from this list
since a lot of time ago, even when importants decision
were made none of the developers ( core developers)
ask for opinions in this list.
so I just wonder if one of the objetive of this list
was miss ....
any way, I just congratulate you and the rest of core
developers for let us help you with our opinions by
this list :-)
again, that was my impresion, I could be 200% wrong,
and never was like that


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