[CentOS-devel] KompoZer rpm for CentOS

Durval Menezes

durval at tmp.com.br
Sat Sep 9 17:12:44 UTC 2006

> From: Hristo Benev <foxb at abv.bg>
> I'm trying to compile and create CentOS rpm for KompoZer www.kompozer.net.
> It is a unofficial bug fix for nvu.
> Is there a rules to have this package contributed to CentOS?
> Any tutorials or similar?
> Should package be build on specific machine?
> Signet by specific key?
> Etc...?

It's simpler than you think :-)

Please read http://www.durval.com.br/CentOS_RPM_Contrib_HowTo.html

Also, for the package to be accepted you would have to make a
commitment to maintain the spec files. I'm talking with Karanbir
(one of the lead CentOS developers) to define exactly what that
is (what frequency, for how long in the future, etc), and when
I have it, I will post it to this list and also on the URL above.

Best Regards,
   Durval Menezes (durval AT tmp DOT com DOT br, http://www.durval.com.br/)

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