[CentOS-devel] 4.4 enterprise update?

Wed Sep 6 19:42:09 UTC 2006
Joakim Sernbrant <joakim.sernbrant at trioptima.net>

Why was the update to 4.4 automatic? Having a lot of new features
automatically installed it not why we run an "enterprise" OS. I would
like to be able to plan and test that kind of events.

A better way of handling it would be what I am used with from another
"enterprise" distro:

Already yum looks for the release in the "Version:" header of the
package specified in yum.conf:distroverpkg (centos-release in our
case). However the version is 4 and not 4.4 as one would expect (and 4
in the 4.3 version as well).

# rpm -qp --queryformat="%{version}\n" centos-release-4-3.2.src.rpm
# rpm -qp --queryformat="%{version}\n" centos-release-4-4.2.i386.rpm

This means that $releasever in our CentOS-Base.repo will be 4 and not
4.4 as we would like.

If the the "Version:" of the centos-release rpm is in sync with the
CentOS release version all you have to do to switch is:

rpm -U "new centos-release rpm"
yum update yum
yum update

Simple and predictable. 

/// joakim