[CentOS-devel] Idea for single CD install

Fri Sep 15 04:16:29 UTC 2006
Shriramana Sharma <samjnaa at gmail.com>

I tried the 4.4 LiveCD and find it has a very good selection from both GNOME 
and KDE. I request that a single installer CD (as opposed to the full 4 CD 
set or 1 DVD) be provided for installing the same contents to the hard disk, 
just like a regular install.

Maybe you can do the installer on the same live CD, like the Kubuntu Desktop 

Single CD installs will go a long way to popularize CentOS, IMHO.

P.S: Seeing as this Live CD is based on the linux-live scripts, and SLAX which 
uses the same linux-live scripts can be just copied to HDD and run from 
there, is it also possible to do the same with CentOS?

P.P.S: I will be travelling a week starting today so I may not reply quickly.


Shriramana Sharma
Linux user #395953 using Kubuntu 6.06.1