[CentOS-devel] Metalinks for CentOS (all mirrors & checksums in one file)

Sun Sep 17 19:11:57 UTC 2006
Anthony L. Bryan <albryan at comcast.net>


Just another ping to see if CentOS is still interested in using metalink.

It's especially useful for large files such as .ISOs. OpenOffice.org
(http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/magnet.html) and 7 Linux/BSD
distributions are using it to distribute their ISOs and other software
updates. kernel.org will be using it soon as well.

They can be automatically generated with software from your Romanian mirror
at http://metalink.packages.ro/

aria2 RPMs for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4:


There's a metalink for CentOS at
http://www.metalinker.org/samples/CentOS-4.4-i386-LiveCD.iso.metalink if
anyone wants to try it out.

Here's some more information on Metalink:

'Metalinks makes complex download pages obsolete by replacing long lists of
download mirrors and BitTorrent trackers with a single .metalink file. As
you might have already guessed, a .metalink file is a file that tells a
download manager all the different ways it can download a file. The file
itself takes the form of an open XML standard that can list an unlimited
number of HTTP and FTP sources as well as BitTorrent trackers and ed2k and
magnet links.'

(( Anthony Bryan
 )) Metalink [ http://www.metalinker.org ]