[CentOS-devel] CentOS-4.4 yumconf

Wed Sep 6 03:54:58 UTC 2006
Gordon Rowell <gordonr-centos at gormand.com.au>

Johnny Hughes wrote:
 > [...]
> Don't delete it, replace it with either a neutered file (if you want to
> use a different name) ... or replace it with your repo file ... named
> the same thing.
 > [...]

In SME Server land we use centos-release unmodified and provide our own 
smeserver-release. We also have an smeserver-yum package which does this:

Provides: yumconf
Conflicts: centos-yumconf

so that the CentOS repo files don't get installed at all.

So, the change in this thread will bite us. It's a moot point in our 
case as we are planning to re-enable the CentOS base and updates repos 
in our next release, but I would support keeping the packages separate.

How about building [centos-]yumconf from the centos-release SPEC file?