[CentOS-devel] CentOS-4.4 yumconf

Thu Sep 7 14:34:03 UTC 2006
Roland Alder <roli-caosity at galaxy.ch>

Hi Johnny

> As I said ... i can be easily convinced to to shift back, but
> shouldn't we try to do things like upstream?

We also use even multiple custom yum-repo packages (e.g. by logical
location of the server) which conflicts/obsoletes the standard one. We
don't had to track any centos-release changes, just have to build that

As most servers can't directly reach the public centos update servers,
this update breaks further updates and we'd have to change
centos-release (and track it for further changes) even we just want to
use our own mirror.

So I'd very much like to get the old way back with a separate centos
yumconf package.

Has anyone tried to add a %trigger section to the own package that
disables the entries in the standard repo files? It should IMHO be
possible to have that trigger being executed every time another package
is installed or updated. But haven't tried yet.

Thanks a lot and kind regards