[CentOS-devel] CentOS-4.4 yumconf

Fri Sep 8 08:19:41 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

John Summerfield wrote:
>> it might be point number 2
>  You may use Anaconda to perform a fresh installation of Red Hat
>    Enterprise Linux 4.91 or to perform an upgrade from the latest
>    updated version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to Red Hat Enterprise
>    Linux 4.91.

beta stuff, we'll see when it comes around to release time - redhat have 
never yet, supported distro updates. Also, I am not sure what your fluff 
is about anyway ? People are creating and using hacked up redhat-release 
files all the time to suit apps like Oracle / db2 / clusterman etc...

> I think reverting to yumconf is preferable; we're based off RHEL, so 
> Fedora isn't especially relevant, and we're not supporting RHN so the 
> RHN configuration files are irrelevant to us.

unless someone has some real reason for it, not going to happen. And to 
be honest, I've not seen any reason here.

Just you, making lots of noise.

> If we ship a modified up2date that shares yum configuration, that's 
> fine, our users don't want to talk to RHN anyway.

the up2date config's are also in centos-release. And i have no idea who 
you refer to when you say 'our users'.

> OTOH RHEL users do want to use CentOS stuff sumetimes, and a yumconf 
> package makes that easy.

most such people have custom yum config's anyway. Maybe we can put some 
details on a wiki page on howto get yum on rhel.

Just to do a recap to make sure we all understand the position here.

There are 4 sorts of user cases, been addressed so far.

1. People on CentOS, using the default config's - well for them nothing 
changes, they carry on using stuff the way it works and thats that.

2. People with customised .repo files - again, since the .repo's are 
config files yum wont overwrite their customised version. but drop in 
.rpmnew and let user handle however they want to.

3. People who want to use centos's yum on other distro's - all they need 
to do is provide a rpm with their config's and have that rpm provide 
centos-release ( they dont want more than the config's since i presume 
they dont want the other payload from the real centos-release package, 
like /etc/issue and /etc/redhat-release ).

4. People using CentOS repo's from CentOS based projects ( smeserver, 
trixbox, openfiler etc ) - Well, Id think their project admins should be 
providing the right Provides: and config's in the first place. If any of 
them have issues, I'd be happy to work with them and resolve the issue 
om their platform.

did i miss someone ?

- K
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