[CentOS-devel] 5 for ppc

Wed Apr 4 23:29:27 UTC 2007
Zenon Panoussis <oracle at provocation.net>

First post here, so hi everyone.

Mostly by accident I started compiling PNAEL-5 for ppc, first on a Mac G4
and then, when I run into the multilib requirements, also on a G5. The ppc
variant is going well, ppc64 is a huge pile of headaches. So I figured,
better ask around first:

- Is anyone else working on what could be CentOS-5.ppc? Am I duplicating
  effort or could this be useful?

- CentOS-4 has no ppc binaries. Is it due to lack of hardware and/or time
  or is it a technical or political decision? In other words, if I manage
  to complete CentOS-5.ppc, would the core team be interested in adding it
  to the binary distribution?

- Are the Centified PNAEL-5 SRPMS available somewhere, so I can avoid
  building trademarked packages that I would later have to rebuild again?

- Is CentOS-5 being built with --define "dist .el5" and --define "rhel 5"
  or with some non-PNAEL designation?

If you have tried this and run into unbuildable ppc64 packages, I'd love to
hear whether/how you got around the problem with e.g. binutils and elfutils.