[CentOS-devel] Converting CD <=> DVD

Mon Apr 16 23:00:38 UTC 2007
Wojciech Pilorz <wpilorz at gmail.com>


I am enclosing scripts and config files to generate exact copy
of CentOS 5.0 i386 installation DVD image, that is
if you have CD images for i386.
linux system is required to run them.

If there is interest I can post the same for x86_64.

Please follow README files for instructions.

All the scripts are GPL.

SHA1 for attached files:
439f7b0bd50722388a2836eedafeb1c227f97385 *00_README.txt
520e805b4c9386d1e08b3741337ee83afe60547d *DVDgen_bin_i386.tar.bz2

I am wondering if you would consider the scripts appropriate for inclusion
on CentOS servers, so that people who need both DVD and CD could
download jost one of them (after simplifications made possible by
having all needed files on http / ftp / rsync servers )
[ The scripts would be simplified, if needed files, which are now
obtained with curl, could be included. They are too large for
inclusion in mail, so used the curl approach. ]

I am also considering writing a script which would generate DVD iso
image directly from CD iso files, without requiring individual files
(which are now accessed via loopback mouting or copying from mounted
Such script could be then run on any machine with perl installed, even
most non-linux one. I can see from mail posting that a lot of people
use non-linux machines for downloading, so maybe this would be

Best regards,

Wojtek Pilorz
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Re-creating exact copy of CentOS 5.0 installation DVD from installation CD

Untar enclosed archive and follow instructions in 01_README.txt and
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