[CentOS-devel] bugs in an Spanish Instalation...

Sat Apr 21 13:43:53 UTC 2007
Roger Peña <orkcu at yahoo.com>

Hi centos dev

If I chose to install centos5 in spanish, I found that
some text are still in english, like in:

1- Software selection: first sentence "The default
instalation of CentOS includes ...." 
texts in the rest of the page are in spanish though

2- When selecting specific or individuals packages in
one group (KDE group) the description of each package
is in english, although the name of the groups
packages are in spanish

3- In the Donation Slide, the title is in English .
probabily this is our fault :-( because I could not
see the title in the Artwork translation page:
what should we do? update/fix the wiki page?

thanks for give us this nice distribution :-)
very good work


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