[CentOS-devel] Centos 5 RPM Submission - pdftk-1.12-1.src.rpm

Mon Apr 16 11:58:04 UTC 2007
Les Bell <lesbell at lesbell.com.au>

Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:

Thanks for this, I'll look at this shortly - although, my gcj skills are
rather non-existent!

Mine too; I've always regarded gcj as somewhat perverse. But the patch only
fixes the Java equivalent of a #include so it doesn't change any program
logic. I've done some basic testing of the compiled binary and it works for
my needs, so it's probably OK. It may well build for 4.4, too - it
certainly did before the patch was added, but I only have one 4.4 machine
left here and it's running our Asterisk server so I'm not about to load it
with RPM builds.

I may have some other srpm's to contribute in due course; I kept supporting
RH9 for some time with my own rpm's and may have to rebuild some other
packages as I upgrade various systems around here. I think folks have got
most things covered, though, and your own repo certainly saved me a lot of
work when I first started doing things with CentOS - thanks!

Feel free to contact me off-list if there are any problems with that srpm,


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