[CentOS-devel] 4.4 -> 5.0 upgrade (considerations)

Tue Apr 17 18:55:24 UTC 2007
Stephen John Smoogen <smooge at gmail.com>

On 4/17/07, Rodrigo Barbosa <rodrigob at darkover.org> wrote:
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> I'm working on a formula to enable a clean upgrade from 4.4 to 5.0.
> Unfortunately, not only we have a big glibc upgrade on our way, we
> also have some nasty package fragmentation. The best exemple
> is xorg-x11-libs, which was separated in several (10+, perhaps)
> packages.
> So far, I think the best plan is to create meta packages to solve
> this dependency hell. Lets call it meta-4.4to5.0-upgrade.noarch.rpm.
> This package should provide and requires the needed components.
> Unfortunatelly, this will probably change from system to system,
> which can become very nasty. In that case, we have two ways to procede:
> 1) A script that will create a package specific for that given
>    system
> 2) Several meta packages
> I'm kind of leaning toward the second option, with a super meta
> package that will require them all (in case someone want to
> make things simples at the cost of installing extra packages).
> Comments ? Suggestions ?

Are you looking for something otehr than anaconda for small memory or
something? I do not see live updates working for the faint of heart
from 4.4 -> 5.0 .

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