[CentOS-devel] Re: [CentOS] Re: Jigdoes of CentOS 4.4 and 5.0 i386/x86_64 CD/DVD available.

Tue Apr 17 23:38:56 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Maciej ¯enczykowski wrote:
>> But --- does jigdo have any kind of indirection in place , eg to get a
>> list of mirrors and use them ??
> It does use a list of mirros for the debian.  I haven't really looked
> into it too deeply.
> Furthermore the jigdo-lite program is really just a shell script -
> should be easy to get it to behave however we want it (it just runs
> wget).
>> Or could yum be used as a wrapper around jigdo maybe to pull stuff down
>> using fastestmirror or maybe even dags stuff ??
> I would really like to see dynamic DNS resolution based on source IP
> giving out the address of the nearest centos compatible mirror - then
> it would 'just work'.

This "just works" very badly for me. My best mirrors are local to me, 
but as they won't serve the world (I believe they pay for both incoming 
and outgoing traffic, that's how the US wanted it anyway), CentOS won't 
list them.

A tool, run compulsorily, to configure a list of mirrors _would_ work well.

It needn't be complicated; debian configures a default list for apt-get 
in two or three questions, starting with "which country?"

"Which country" gives me a list of mirrors, and the obvious choice for 
me in Perth, Western Australia is

It also allows me to name my own mirror.

And no scheme you're likely to come up with is likely to find this:

[summer at bilby ~]$ lynx -dump http://rhel.demo.lan/

                                   Index of /

  Icon   [1]Name                    [2]Last modified      [3]Size 
   ____ etc

>> The trouble I see is that if a user doesnt have a local mirror or
>> local copy of a set if isos then downloading the packages individually
>> from a mirror may be less efficient than downloading an iso / set of 
>> isos,

With jigdo, I could have used a local mirror containing the beta 
packages to see the new ISOs (assuming that CentOS didn't needlessly 
rebuild them).

With Jigdo, I could download one set of images _or_ the tree, and using 
the templates and jigdo files, I could build whichever ISOs I want.

When U1 comes around, I only need the updates files and the new jigdo 
and templates.

>> and certainly without mirror redirect and fastestmirror it is a non 
>> starter ...
> There aren't that many files on a cd, so the extra time spent opening
> closing connections shouldn't really be significant - unless you have
> an extremely big pipe.  But - yes - we would want each user to use the
> closest possible mirror.

The fastest isn't necessarily the closest, but the closest is likely 
faster than most users' connexion. Everyone who can send faster than I 
can receive is equal, so far as speed is concerned.



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