[CentOS-devel] Question re RPM Package Naming

Wed Apr 18 05:23:36 UTC 2007
Les Bell <lesbell at lesbell.com.au>

Rodrigo Barbosa <rodrigob at darkover.org> wrote:

> Oh, I couldn't do that - modesty forbids, etc. Anyone who needs to know
> to blame will know to use "rpm -qi" to track the packager down. In any
> case, that leaves an ambiguity; is the package for the OUP's el5, or
> el5?

Since it is not an official package of either of them, it really makes
no difference, does it ?

Ah - I guess that answers my question: I thought that the .centos part just
indicated that the RPM was built on/for Centos. But if it really means it's
an official package, that's an entirely different proposition.

That is the cannonically correct way to do official packages. But if you
are submiting something that will end up in EXTRAS, you don't need to
worry about that, since it will most likely require other modifications.

Yes - that was the idea of submitting it via this list. In that case, I can
just sit back and relax, since it's somebody else's problem.



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