[CentOS-devel] C4 yum-priorities update

Sun Aug 5 11:58:27 UTC 2007
Daniel de Kok <danieldk at pobox.com>

On Sat, 2007-08-04 at 14:49 -0700, Akemi Yagi wrote:
> Just installed on a C4 x86_64 system and ran yum update.  It looks
> fine.  What should I try to do to give it a stress test?  Install as
> many 3rd party repos as I can?

Let me add a bit more background. Suppose that you have the following
priorities set:

* repo1 - 1
* repo2 - 10

Now, if repo1 has a package "mypackage.x86_64" at version 0.0.1, and
repo2 has "mypackage.i386" and "mypackage.x86_64" at version 0.0.2. In
this case, the old priorities plugin would see that repo1 has mypackage
at a higher priority, and both (arch) packages from repo2 would be
removed from the repo package set.

This new version of the plugin also looks at the architecture. So, with
the situation above, "mypackage.x86_64" from repo1 will be available,
and "mypackage.i386" from repo2. "mypackage.x86_64" from repo2 is
removed from the repo package set, because it has the same name plus
architecture, but a lower priority than the package with the same name
and arch in repo1.

Obsoletes are still handled arch-less.

Various tests are useful:

- Testing whether the new plugin still excludes packages with a lower
priority correctly.
- Do the same thing but with many repos enabled.
- Check whether installing multiple arch packages from the same repo
works correctly (e.g. openssl.i386 and openssl.i686).
- Check whether obsoletes from lower-priority repos do not override
packages from high-priority repos (e.g. ATRPMS has a few packages with
- Check whether everything works as expected when a lower priority
contains a package for a arch (or no arch) where the package name plus
arch combination does not exist in a higher-priority repo (I am not sure
how common this is).

-- Daniel