[CentOS-devel] Re: Using CentOS trademarks/artwork etc.

Fri Aug 10 07:52:41 UTC 2007
Gerhart, Bjoern <bjoern.gerhart at wincor-nixdorf.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Sounds good, are you patching the installer or providing 
> scripts for doing this 
> work after the distro is already installed on the machine ?
The concept is, that each customer can easily build his own installation
or live medium. The medium can be CD/DVD, USB memorystick or
installation via PXE. The target medium to be installed on can be either
a hard disk or also a USB memorystick.
After installation (or after booting the live medium), the customer has
a ready-to-use configured system with the following benefits:
- his POS middleware is ready-to-use, following the configuration he has
chosen when building his medium
- the POS hardware and periphery of our Beetle systems is supported by
our own kernel (modules)
- the system itself is configured (devices like COM ports, display(s),
touch screens, etc)
- his application is already installed and may be auto started on system

> Over the course of the next few days, we will put together a 
> definite policy on 
> such matters and publish them on the wiki.
That sounds good  :-)

> btw, I hope Wincor Nixdorf is planning a huge donation to the project!
That's a good idea. When business is running with our "WNLPOS CentOS", I
will motivate my boss for donating.

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> You could distribute CentOS as is (or a Core version that we can
> for such things) and you could distribute your application as an
> installable piece (in a separate directory/repository) on the DVD.
I see your idea, however maybe the requirements we have (see above) are
too complex for achieving this.