[CentOS-devel] Modify Live CD image

Tue Aug 21 01:19:13 UTC 2007
Matt Gessner <mgessner at gmail.com>

Wow!  Thank you!

I spoke with a couple people on #centos who didn't think it was
possible to do.  THANK you greatly.

I don't know what Knoppix does differently, but I noticed that their
/lib/firmware was accessible on their live cd.  May it be possible
that in the future, the centos live cd's could do the same, or perhaps
something like this could be made to work via a USB key?

In fact, I'll ask now; is it possible to mount my /lib/firmware off a
USB key and do things THAT way, during startup, so that the broadcom
driver finds the files there?

Thanks again!

On 8/20/07, Patrice Guay <patrice.guay at nanotechnologies.qc.ca> wrote:
> Matt Gessner wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm trying to add some files to /lib/firmware (for a Broadcom wireless
> > card) on my Live CD.
> >
> > Since it's read-only, this means having to go back and modifying the
> > .iso file.  I'm assuming the files I want are in centos-live.sqfs.
> No, these files are in usr.sqfs.
> > How can I go about making these changes?
> # mkdir /mnt/loop1 /mnt/loop2
> # mount -o loop CentOS-5.0-i386-LiveCD.iso /mnt/loop1
> # mount -o loop -t squashfs /mnt/loop1/usr.sqfs /mnt/loop2
> # cd /mnt/loop2/
> ...
> # umount /mnt/loop2
> # umount /mnt/loop1
> -> Burn your modified iso file
> >  I realize the firmware files
> > can't be there to begin with, but so far, I've got no success in
> > making these files available when the driver loads since AFAIK it's
> > only going to look in /lib/firmware.
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> Patrice Guay
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