[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5 Live CD

Wed Aug 22 02:51:52 UTC 2007
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>


Patrice Guay wrote:
> the anaconda package from CentOS 5 can't support installation from a 
> Live CD.


> This feature has been introduced in Fedora 7. If we want to stick as 
> much as possible
> to the original CentOS packages on the Live CD, installation from the 
> media won't be
> supported through anaconda until CentOS 6.

I'd much rather stick with than create orphans for the likes of lvm / anaconda / 
kudzu etc. They are all fairly critical portions of the distro, and while being 
on a livecd is fine, when they get transfered over onto an installed machine, 
its something a user would expect to be 'CentOS'.

And I am not sure if we can even do this sort of a thing as a CentOSPlus livecd, 
unless someone wants to take on the job of maintaining these packages in the 
plus repo, and doing enough to make sure it continues to work with the base distro.

Lets try and see what we can come up with on the CentOS distro anaconda.

- KB

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