[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5 Live CD

Wed Aug 22 11:21:40 UTC 2007
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Daniel de Kok wrote:
> I haven't looked yet at how Anaconda does live CD installs, but can't we
> modify it to install our versions of these packages during the
> installation?

if its installing rpms - then yes that would ( read: should ) not be a major issue.

>> And I am not sure if we can even do this sort of a thing as a CentOSPlus livecd, 
>> unless someone wants to take on the job of maintaining these packages in the 
>> plus repo, and doing enough to make sure it continues to work with the base distro.
> Quite painful to do so for seven years :(.

Maintaining the packages should not really be an issue, the problem is going to 
be making sure that everything else in the distro also plays well with what we 
have in there and making sure we are not creating more issues for users.

- KB

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