[CentOS-devel] Interest in assisting with the Centos s390 disto

Fri Dec 7 17:16:44 UTC 2007
Hand, Ray <ray.hand at eds.com>

OK, more stupid questions.  Where do I get mock from (tried a yum
install and that didn't work)  and where do I get the source packages


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Hand, Ray wrote:
> OK, I have a s390x CentOS 4.5 up and running under VM.  Its current on

> maintenance and now I am ready to start on the CentOS 5.x What are my 
> next steps?  Is there doc somewhere?
> Thanks
> Ray Hand


next step - get mock-0.6.13 setup on there, and get the basic packages
needed for the buildroots done. I shall post a list of the minimal set
you need today

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