[CentOS-devel] Available for testing CentOS5 beta

Fri Feb 23 07:22:26 UTC 2007
Patrick <patrickm at myway.com>


After reading on this mailing list that anyone interested in testing the Beta of CentOS5 should send a mail to the QA department. I got a answer back that I should make a posting here. So, here goes.

After using CentOS for some time now, I would like to do something back for the community. If useful, I can test CentOS 5-beta on a test server I have for these kind of things. It it a ProLiant ML350 with a Compaq 431 RAID controler and three SCSI disks. Testing could be related to webserver, ftp, installation, etc. Since I am Dutch, checking of the language-translation could also be done.

About myself, I work as a QA/QA Manager and have the responsibility for the ISO9001 Quality System. Besides that, I am also the webmaster of the companies websites.

Looking forward to assist!

With kind regards,


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