[CentOS-devel] Timeline for C5 beta / final?

Sun Feb 18 13:51:55 UTC 2007
Nils Toedtmann <centos-mail at nils.toedtmann.net>

Am Sonntag, den 18.02.2007, 02:45 +0200 schrieb Ovidiu Lixandru:
> Rodrigo Barbosa wrote:
> > I have at least 1 machine I'll have to do it. And, guess what ? It is
> > a remote machine (datacenter in another country).
> > 
> > Should be fun.
> Duplicating the remote setup to a local/virtual machine and giving the 
> upgrade a shot before tinkering with the live server won't hurt. ;)

As a safety mesurement you could clone the machine ("cp -a") to a
blockdevice on the same remote machine (LVM volume, loopfile) before. If
upgrading breaks anything except remote access, you could run the broken
service inside the chrooted or virtualized clone until you manage to fix
its upgraded version.