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Sat Feb 24 08:38:59 UTC 2007
Patrick <patrickm at myway.com>

Well, since I am new to this mailinglist, I did not know it was a discussion already held (hadn't sniffed the archieves).

But thanks for the update!


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Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 07:33:02 +0000
Subject: Re: [CentOS-devel] Installation RHEL5 -  > CentOS5

Patrick wrote:
> When I installed RHEL5 beta 2 yesterday, I came across the so-called installation number. It's used as a "serial" to unlock number-related functionality of the software.
> In other words, there is a key for the client version and one for the server version. And within those options, there are also different possibilities, like with or without visualisation.
> How does this affect CentOS5?

it wont

> Will this be implemented or modified?

it wont. either implemented or mordified.

This is again a conversation best had once the centos beta trees are public.

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