[CentOS-devel] I needed SVN Subversion 1.4 or greater on my centos server

Thu Jan 4 15:14:19 UTC 2007
Rubin <rubin at xs4all.nl>


I have a Centos repository for various security tools and needed a newer
svn too (and a newer Ruby for Rails but thats another story). I have svn
1.4.2 and apr 1.2.7 in my repo. To get this to work properly i had to
rebuild httpd too (which is a backport of the 2.2.3 in fc6). Ofcourse it
is not extensively tested but it works for me; maybe it works for you too?

Here's the repo file (just place in /etc/yum.repos.d)

You can view or download the rpms here:

Kind regards,


Les Mikesell wrote:
> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>> prabhat kumar wrote:
>>>    Subversion 1.4 Release is stable version.  Is there any reason why
>>>    we do not have Subversion 1.4 in the CentOSPlus repo ?  
>> Yes. And the reason is called apr.
>>>    Is there any way to use Subversion 1.4 in the CentOSPlus repo.
>> No. And the reason is called apr.
>> CentOS uses apr-0.9.4, subversion 1.4 need apr-0.9.7, which isn't
>> installable without rebuilding *much* of the distribution.
>> subversion 1.3.2 is available from the rpmforge repository, though. See
>> <http://wiki.centos.org/Repositories>
> Has anyone tried these RPMs on Centos?
> http://summersoft.fay.ar.us/pub/subversion/latest/rhel-4/i386/
> If so, does it break mod_perl or fastcgi?