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Tue Jan 9 09:51:17 UTC 2007
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Greg Swallow wrote:
> If you want to trust me, I'm volunteering as well :-)  I'd suggest
> another mailing list, maybe bugteam at lists.centos.org - and have that
> address get assigned any new bugs (and all unassigned old ones) so
> interested people (ie, the "Trusted Users") can get a copy of all the
> bug reports.  

But then you would need a request tracker to track which people are
working on what bugs }:>

Seems to me that that one is a layer too much. But yes, a mailing list
for that could be discussed, centos-devel probably would be cluttered by
those mails.

> It seems bugs get automatically assigned to you at the
> moment?

Yes, depending on which component the bug is filed against. But it is no
problem to "take over" a bug - once you have an access level which
allows you to, that is. 

>> We (the developers) will also (from time to time) create "issue
>> trackers" in the bugs database to report positive and negative
>> feedback
>> for packages that we put into the testing repo.
> That's good - I think you could say that is similar to a "Package
> Review" bug report in the RedHat bugzilla for a new Fedora Extras
> package.  Not everything has to be a "bug".

Yes. See (for example) #1603 and #1580.

> How about adding a Category called "Upstream-RHEL4", and changing bugs
> from whatever the category is currently to "Upstream-RHEL4" once it
> has been reported upstream?  Easier to keep track of upstream bugs
> that way I think, and you can run a report on how many bugs were
> reported by CentOS users.

Sounds good to me. 

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