[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5 ArtWork

Sun Jan 14 15:51:37 UTC 2007
Jason_Meers <Jason_Meers at mv-online.co.uk>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> There has been some work going on with the CentOS-5 Artwork stuff on the 
> wiki ( url : http://wiki.centos.org/ArtWork ). Now is the time when we 
> are asking for more feedback and larger community involvement.
> Also, I want to make sure that people understand we are not limited to 
> using only one set of the artwork. We would need to use one default, but 
> further sets might get added into the artwork packages for post install 
> user options.
> - KB

Hi all,

Firstly my apologies if this is deemed to be off-topic or the wrong 
place to post this. I'm new to the devel list and have made a few 
mistakes so far because I don't fully understand whats OK to say in 
which particular list, forum or room.

Backgrounds: I've have constantly got frustrated with having to use a 
manual approach to find or identify a workstation/server connected to a 
KVM. Machine identification is often done by looking for a handwritten 
label stuck on the kvm itself or by using the menu on the kvm (which has 
to be updated manually).

1) Most individuals and organizations that I've worked with solve this 
problem by creating a background for each server by hand with the name 
of the server in a text box on a plain solid background. I have often 
wondered if a cron job and a command line tool could generate this 
automatically for each server. This hostname alone would be would be 
great, but other useful info such as free disk space or ip address would 
be possible to show too.

2) My other comment would be that if vnc or remote desktop were ever to 
be used on the machine then having a background using more than 8-bit 
color kills performance substantially.

Again, sorry if this was the wrong place to post.
Please bear with me I'm trying to become a good CentOS citizen.

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