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Thu Jan 25 17:28:29 UTC 2007
Joe Kazura <joe.kazura at unh.edu>

Hey Folks,

I'll be happy to provide an image for Parallels Desktop Macintosh! (I  
am pretty sure the file is portable to the OTHER releases of  
Parallels Workstation.

FWIW: this a virtual machine for Intel based Macs allowing them to  
run ANY Intel based OS as a virtual machine.

I've been meaning to do this for my own consumption, but doing it as  
a project will motivate me!  ;-)


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On Jan 25, 2007, at 12:01 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Hi Nils,
> Nils Toedtmann wrote:
>> Dear CentOS developers,
>> there is a demand for ready-to-boot virtual machine images for  
>> distros
>> like CentOS. Since i am an afinicado of CentOS and Xen, i would  
>> like to
>> build and maintain a CentOS5-image. Is centos.org interested in  
>> hosting
>> such a sub-project? Testing and tasting CentOS would get much  
>> easier, it
>> would help making CentOS more popular.
> Sounds interesting, and going by just the amount of times such  
> questions get asked, I'd say there were a fair few people  
> interested in this as well.
>> Planned features:
> <- lots of interesting stuff ->
>> Different flavors:
> <- lots of interesting stuff ->
>> RoadMap:
>>   * wait for CentOS5-beta2 ;-)
> Why ?
> CentOS-4 is in quite a decent shape to make it into VM's and _lots_  
> people are going to want VM's for CentOS-3 ( Q: Why? A: I can  
> imagine that lots of people who run CentOS are going to want to  
> move to CentOS-5 for its newer hardware support and better  
> performance on very high end machines ). It makes much sense to  
> move the host to C5 and have VM's run the C3/ C4 roles.
> One of the things on the ToDo list here is a document for a known  
> process to help with this migration -> Move a C3/C4 machine into a  
> VM under C5, so that your C3/C4 apps remain supported and function  
> as they do now, while still getting the added benefit of C5 on the  
> host.
>>   * create and post a minimal CentOS5-beta2 i386 image with xen- and
>>     vmware configs, wait for reviews/bugreport
>>   * create and post a standard desktop CentOS5-beta2 i386 image, wait
>>     for reviews/bugreport
> Once there is a basic setup and required infrastructure in place,  
> doing roles is just a question of adding some more details to  
> scripts etc, I am sure there are many roles we can address like this.
>>   * if there are enough positive reports, repeat for CentOS5-final
> We are really not interested in doing / spending time on something  
> that is not going to be there for CentOS-5/Release - so if you are  
> getting involved, do so with the intent of seeing this through.
>>   * release when/if centos.org is pleased with the (bugfixed) images
> yes, we have a QA team now!
>> Are you interested in such a project? I am eager for comments.
> You have my attention and I am happy to push this along from the  
> inside, but if we are going to do this - lets try and cover the  
> spectrum, not just focus on C5 ( specially taking on board what  
> Daniel has said, C5 VM's are trivial once you have the C5 host  
> running ) - One (of the many ) places where users are going to see  
> really good benefit is when we can provide some alternatives to  
> move their C3 / C4 machines into.
> Still interested ?
> - KB
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