[CentOS-devel] Re: CentOS5 virtual machine image

Sat Jan 27 02:45:10 UTC 2007
Nils Toedtmann <centos-mail at nils.toedtmann.net>

Am Freitag, den 26.01.2007, 13:29 -0700 schrieb Bernard Johnson:
> Nils Toedtmann wrote:
> > I agree. But customization of C4 (and probably C3, too) to run smoothly
> > as a VM is a bit evil (i run a bunch of productive C4 DomUs, so walked
> > through that valley ...): glibc and db4 have to be patched/rebuilt
> > because of NPTL incompatibilities. 
> I agree that C3 would be a problem - both guest and host.
> However, for C4 I have a "installer hack" that allows C4 to install
> under Xen (FC6 host) using virt-manager & kickstart.  When it's
> finished, the only package that is modified is the kernel (to provide a
> domU image).
> Perhaps your VM is the issue with tls. 

Among other things: yes.

> Once I started using a recent
> enough host (FC6) and a recent enough guest (C4), all my tls problems
> disappeared. 

I guess they did not disappear but got hidden. AFAIK (correct me if i am
wrong) recent xen versions have a hack to workaround TLS-libs silently,
but there is still a performance penalty. And the db4-prob ist still
there: install and start cyrus-imapd on C4 under xen/FC6. If the maillog
does not fill up with DBERROR, i owe you a beer.