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Tue Jan 30 12:58:35 UTC 2007
"Ing. Ernesto Pérez Estévez" <info at ecualinux.com>

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>     * In the spanish case (I'm catalan, so I'm a spanish an catalan
> native speaker) I think the list should be language specific, not regional.
> Why? So there are too many spanish countries, and, at the end, all of us
> can speak with each others without problem. I'm in several spanish mail
> list and it's usual to see people from Spain, Cuba, Argentina, Ecuador,
> Mexico... etc and there is not any problem with language among them.
This is correct. We Latin americans have no problems communicating with
spaniards nor between latin americans.. ok yes.. spaniards pronuonce or
say several computers/internet terms in a different way but we perfectly
understand the meaning and they do the same when we write or say the
same terms in an english transliterated form as we know, but as for the
rest, the grammar and other aspects are the sme, there is no need to
separate them.

BTW, I tried to update the wiki with this comment, but Im unable to edit
the page.

>     * If you want I can help you in the spanish-list management. The
> main problem of that is my english language skills are so basic.
Good... and what about a Catalá list? I guess the catalá community is
not small.


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