[CentOS-devel] Proper way to package Perl modules

Fri Jun 15 10:14:27 UTC 2007
David Hrbác( <hrbac.conf at seznam.cz>

Kenneth Porter napsal(a):
> What's the expected way to package a Perl module? I want to build RPM's
> for several Perl modules and in the past on Fedora I'd use cpanflute2.
> What do I use on CentOS5? Is there a package to install to provide the
> necessary utility?
> I want to repackage the dependencies for MIMEDefang:
>        perl(MIME::Parser) is needed by mimedefang-2.62-1.i386
>        perl(MIME::Tools) >= 5.410 is needed by mimedefang-2.62-1.i386
>        perl(MIME::Words) is needed by mimedefang-2.62-1.i386
>        perl-IO-stringy is needed by mimedefang-2.62-1.i386
>        perl-MIME-tools is needed by mimedefang-2.62-1.i386
>        perl-MailTools is needed by mimedefang-2.62-1.i386
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No need to repackage... Use rpmforge.

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 mimedefang              i386       2.62-1.el5.rf    rpmforge          301 k
Installing for dependencies:
 perl-Convert-BinHex     noarch     1.119-2.2.el5.rf  rpmforge
 34 k
 perl-Digest-SHA1        i386       2.11-1.2.1       base               48 k
 perl-FreezeThaw         noarch     0.43-1.2.el5.rf  rpmforge           17 k
 perl-IO-stringy         noarch     2.110-1.2.el5.rf  rpmforge
 70 k
 perl-MIME-tools         noarch     5.420-1.el5.rf   rpmforge          276 k
 perl-MLDBM              noarch     2.01-2.2.el5.rf  rpmforge           19 k
 perl-MailTools          noarch     1.76-1.el5.rf    rpmforge           85 k
 perl-TimeDate           noarch     1.16-1.2.el5.rf  rpmforge           36 k
 perl-Unix-Syslog        i386       0.100-1.2.el5.rf  rpmforge
 48 k

Transaction Summary
Install     10 Package(s)
Update       0 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)

Total download size: 932 k
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