[CentOS-devel] C5: yum-metadata and non-yum yum-metadata

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Mar 8 19:46:47 UTC 2007

seth vidal wrote:
>> I'm voting for #3, especially if it's something that could be accepted
>> upstream that won't break anything else.
> - except that we've already fixed yum 3.1.X for this problem.
> If you want to backport the patch from 3.1.x to 3.0.x that'd probably be
> simplest.
> in fact, it's probably what red hat has done, too.

I didnt know redhat had fixed this issue...

Based on early info, the fix  seems to be just a 3 line patch. However, 
I will go see what was done for 3.1.x

- KB

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